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Classes suitable for beginners and experienced students
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Classes in French and English
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Anne Holtermann
Anne Marie Viborel
Barbara Gentsch
Brenda Malley
Carina Linné
Cathie van der Stel
Chris Savage
Christie Robinson
Eleonore Tissot
Elisabeth Loheac
Helen Humphry
Imme Kooman-Visscher
Irene Olkkonen
Karin Fellinger
Laetitia Bonnici
Lisbeth Petersen
Marie Lom
Marina Kulik
Marina Teding van Berkhout
Marjorie Moriena
Merete Frickmann
Michele de Laat
Nelly van Hijfte
René Royon
Sue Ellis
Sylvette Viard
Sylvia van der Weide
Tatiana Koltchine
Tracy Greenwood
Wim Teunissen
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