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"Sylvia van der Weide was born in the Netherlands. She seeks spontaneity in her work that is reflective of her emotions at that moment. Painting colour has been her chosen method of expression for the last fifteen years or so. Working on a large scale allows her to become absorbed into the colour and generates an intuitive response."

Sylvia van der Weide worked for an International Advertising Agency in Amsterdam. Later, she ran her own freelance business for over three years. She started painting in her free time and very quickly it became a passion. For the last fifteen years she has discovered the qualities of water colour, acrylic and oil. She started out painting with a group of Dutch painters and sold several paintings to companies and private collectors. When she moved to the South of France she joined the art association "Le Hangar" first doing oil painting and later on working in acrylics. Her experience has been that the acrylic medium gave her more freedom to express her inner emotions with the colours and shapes on a larger scale.

Having lived in several countries and having traveled around the world, her paintings reflect her experiences and her emotions. She brings together on canvas, the colours of the cultures that she has discovered on her travels. On a blank canvas, she manages to put together her experience of a multitude of cultures. Through bold shapes and bright colours, Sylvia presents to us her vivid world full of joie de vivre.

Believing that her paintings are a map of her life, individually they represent the pieces to the puzzle of her life, forever growing.

Sylvia exhibits on the Côte d'Azur:
  July 2011 Theoule sur Mer, Espace Culturel Abstract Vibrations 1
- International Group of Artists.
  February 2012 Valbonne Village,
Salle St.Esprit,
Abstract Vibrations 2
- International Group of Artists.
  July 2013 Valbonne Centre,
Gallery CasaBlu
  April/May 2014 Theoule sur Mer, Espace Culturel Abstract Vibrations 3
- International Group of Artists.
  July 2014 Valbonne Centre,
Gallery CasaBlu
  July/August 2014 Gordes, Espace des Arts  
  Summer 2015 Slot Zeist, The Netherlands  
  April/May 2016 Antibes and Monaco, The English Osteopath