Art Therapy

During the art therapy class we learn to get in touch with our inner self through the creative process and to establish a process of personal development using different artistic mediums such as painting, drawing, collage, weaving and manipulation of clay.

During the course you’ll freely experience your own creativity, following your intuition in a joyful and relaxed environment where it does not matter to do well but simply be as you are.

In each session we canalize our attention in a selected theme. We begin with a moment dedicated to relaxation that takes us into creative work and at the end of the work we share the experience.
All materials are provided.
Please check the calendar for scheduled classes as they normally happen 1 Sunday per month, and with more frequent classes planned for Thursday evenings.

Thursday evening Art Therapy

It’s a cycle of 8 art therapy sessions to meet your inner world through different artistic techniques.It is designed as an eight-step journey where each session will allow you to explore different aspects of your inner self.
You will meet your needs and your resources, letting yourself go to the wisdom of the 4 elements through artistic techniques such as drawing, painting, collage and writing.
In an environment of relaxation, joy and self observation  you will be invited to be simply yourself, in touch with your creativity and your intuition.

No artistic skill is required to participate.
All materials will be provided.

To benefit as much as possible from the experience, it is essential to participate in the entire cycle.

What we do:
*Relaxation and focus on the sensations of the body
*Creative work: According to personal intuitions, each participant freely expresses their own experience through different artistic techniques available.
*Feedback: At the end of the work you will enter in contact with the process of creation that you experienced and you will be invited to talk about your experience.

Le Hangar – Centre des Arts – 310 chemin du Ranch, Chateauneuf de Grasse

Reservation and information: Francesca Messina

TĂ©l. 0787693950 or email: