Acrylics Painting

Every Wednesday and Saturday, well-known artist Pim de Jongh has his “Acrylics” class.  From 9.30 until 16.00, his students work either on their own ideas or with a theme that Pim has given them. The class has lunch in the Hangar garden, with the whole group sitting at a long table, an event in itself and very much appreciated by everyone! This class offers a lot of fun and inspiration with the bright strong colours of the acrylic paint as well as the inspiring presence of Pim de Jongh.

Materials are provided

If you would like to join – please contact Pim de Jongh.

Once a month  there is a special project. Examples of the previous projects:

  • Collage
  • Trees
  • Clouds
  • Reflections
Participation in classes, trips and workshops requires a full membership