Oil Painting

Participants work on their own, at their own level, in whatever style they like, figurative or abstract. Prior experience is not required, we welcome everybody: beginners, intermediate and those who are already quite experienced. There is a large choice of subjects and materials: painting on cotton/linen canvasses or hardboard. Nelly is always ready to help and give advice on colors, shapes etc. The group is limited to 20 people. We bring our own materials, like paint brushes, oil paints and our own canvas. The class supplies you with turpentine, medium and gesso etc.
We paint in a very  friendly atmosphere, there is no competition, we drink coffee or tea when we take a break, during which we exchange ideas, compliments and gossip, in different languages: English, French, Dutch, German….our group is very international.

Participation in classes, trips and workshops requires a full membership