Oils and Cold Wax Medium

Painting in Oils and Cold Wax Medium
For those of you interested in discovering the wonderful world of painting in oils and Cold Wax Medium, you are most welcome to join us on Friday afternoon from 14h till 16h30!

Cold Wax Medium is excellent for adding textures and transparency to your paintings. It makes the oil colours thicker and more matte and makes them dry quicker. Cold wax medium is not heated like encaustic medium.
While working on your own subject (abstract or figurative, your choice!), I will show you how we can create these beautiful textured paintings and transparent layers by adding Cold Wax Medium to your oil paint.
No prior experience is required, the class is open for everybody!  We work on canvas, oilpaper or (cradled) boards. Because of the drying time, it is advised to work on several pieces at the same time.

You bring your own materials (oil paint, support, palette) and Marina will bring her bowlscrapers, mark making tools, stencils and pigments. Cold wax medium can be bought from her.

To learn more about painting with Cold Wax Medium:

  1. https://youtu.be/gHdZdkICG4o

Visit Marina’s website: www.marinatvb.com Or Instagram www.instagram.com/marinatvb_art