Pim de Jongh
Teacher Acrylic painting, Abstract painting, Drawing

One of the original founders of the Hangar, Pim creates instantly recognizable acrylics in athe style of American Abstract Expressionism. Since the 90s he has moved to biomorphic surreal works. He studied art, graphic design and photography in the Netherlands and worked as a graphic designer and in advertising. He is now a full time painter of latge scale commissions and an inspiring teacher.

Nelly van Hijfte
Teacher Oil painting

Nelly van Hijfte has been painting all her life, inspired by the daily events. Through her eyes, reality becomes very special and often there’s a wise lesson and sometimes subtle criticism on the establishment in it. Always with a fine sense of humor. Nelly is a professional painter since 1970, her canvases are and have always been colourful and powerful. She has her own, narrative style which sometimes tends towards surrealism and she paints her original subjects with a broad gesture. Her pseudonym is ‘Tim’ and that is always the simple, recognizable signature on all her works.

Marina Kulik
Teacher Watercolours and Life drawing

Marina Kulik is a full time artist, dividing her time between autonomous painting, monumental projects and teaching. As an award-winning artist she exhibits internationally and her artwork resides in galleries and private collections worldwide. “For me teaching art is an amazing challenge. You have to deliver the message so that it really comes across. I aim to get the best artwork out of every individual – including myself”.

Marie Boquet
Teacher Sculpture

Graduate of the fire arts with several awards, this outstanding teacher has over 30 years experience, inspiration – and love of art. She gives fantastic sculpture classes  in the Hangar, every Thursday, for all levels (Adults)

Marina Teding
Pastels, Oils, Cold Wax

Marina has always been a creative person that loves to draw and paint. She first started out in Watercolors, Charcoal and Pastels and then switched to Oils. Now she mostly paints in oils, mixing her oils with cold wax medium to create beautiful layered textures.  She studied at the ‘Academie des Beaux Arts Anca-Sonia’ and attended workshops to improve her painting techniques in different mediums. Marina is a full time artist, who teaches not only in person but also online. Her paintings are bought by collectors from all over the world. www.marinatvb.com

Francesca Messina
Visual Artist and Art Therapist

Francesca is an Italian visual artist and art therapist. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and the Art Therapy school Aspic of Rome and has been living and working in France for the last 10 years.

She organises monthly themed workshops and weekly art therapy group meetings in which everyone can freely explore and express their inner self through creative processes. Francesca provides a space in which you can simply be who you are, far from judgment and having a deep contact with the most precious part of yourself.

Her website: LaSèveCréative –

Josie Gallagher
Painter and Printmaker

Josie Gallagher is a painter and printmaker who has lived and worked as an artist in Greece, Lebanon, Morocco, Guatemala and France. Often using the places she finds herself in as a trigger for ideas, her work is strong in colour and rich in pattern. In her linocut printmaking classes, she teaches a technique which invites creativity and playfulness and focuses on the basics of image making. All are welcome every Friday morning at the Hangar.